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Thursday, December 09, 2004

I'm Seeing Red Over The Red States

Who the heck decided to paint the Republican states red? The slogan "Better Dead Than Red" takes on a whole new light with the new terminology. I thought that the "Reds" were the "Commies". It's starting to irritate me because there have been quite a few articles that I have read recently that are referring to Republicans as reds. It's quite confusing.

Seems to me that the Democrat party is the only one that really is associated with colors. I am thinking red, green, or yellow. Red for communist, green for ecology, and yellow for ... you know why. I can't really think of a color that goes with Republicans in popular culture except perhaps blue or that non-color white. ... but then does that open up black to the Democrats.

I'm sure the Democrats would be happy with green. I'm not sure what the Republicans would be happy with. Blue makes one think of blue bloods and orange is not good if one thinks of Ireland. Perhaps a tri-color of red, white, and blue, but then the democrats would be upset.

Then again there is that pesky Green party.

I'm begging you, next time, please anything but red for Republican states.