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Monday, October 25, 2004


Recently the subject of transexuals came up in a conversation. I remembered that someone had once convinced me that the lead Bond Girl in "For Your Eyes Only" was a transexual. Her name was Carol Bouquet. My comment at the time was that if she was a transexual then I was sold on the operation. Well it turns out that there was another Carol in the movie that was the actual transexual. Her name was Carol Cossy.

I tend to get actors and actresses confused so when I relayed this story I thought the 007 actress was Sean Young.

Carol Bouqet/Sean Young

You can see that I might confuse the two.

In another conversation I mixed up Bill Pullman and Alec Balwin.

Bilec Pullwin/All Baldman

Again an honest mistake.

Maybe it's me but I swear this next guy serves in the cafeteria at my job.

William Devane