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Friday, October 29, 2004

Help me not vote Bush

I'm scheduling an intervention at lunch Monday with several co-workers to talk me out of voting for Bush.

Ladys and Gentlemen,

You are all against Bush therefore I am calling on you to help me in a self-intervention session. Unfortunately, I am on the edge of voting for Bush. Thea says she votes whatever way I want. So it's a two'fer.

I would actually be violating big 'L' liberarian principles to vote for him. Unfortunately, I am a little 'l' libertarian. To be fair to you I will think about what I would need to be convinced of and let you know. In other words I will think of my weaknesses and see if you cannot come up with something. If I cannot then I will let you know. I am already convinced that
a) I couldn't convince you to vote for Bush
b) I don't want to.

Any mention of the UN, France, Germany, Russia, or China in a good light on this will turn me against you immediately. I think they all wish to see us defeated. Yes, France is not our true friend. I found out they didn’t even pay for the statue of liberty either, bastards. Plus only helped us once against England when they thought we had them licked. Meantime got us involved in all their messes like WWI, WWII, Vietnam, etc. When we need them they stab us in the back. Besides they have nothing to support us with in terms of troops and neither does Germany. They should be paying us back taxes for having our troops over there all this time.

I already know that there is absolutely no way you can convince me to vote for Kerry.
1) He is carrying the state anyway
2) I do not trust him
3) He reminds me of an idiot kid I knew
4) I think he was a traitor to the country. Not merely for being a protestor but a Jane Fonda style one. I thnk it is not unreasonable stretch that they are both guilty of the very stringent requirements of the Constitution. That is saying alot. I don't care if Kerry fought "for us" so did Benedict Arnold, and a lot better I might add. I think the political climate got them off.

I am afraid of Kerrys stated plan for Iran: His strategy for Iran is:
1) Give them Nukes. By that I mean he plans to give them nuclear fuel and nuclear techonology. The same thing Clinton did for the North Koreans.
2) He plans to work "diplomatically with the French, Germans, etc. to contain Iran.
3) When his plan doesn't work he plans to use sanctions.

Let me restate this Kerry plan.
He plans to start with a country that has:
1) An enourmous population
2) Lots of Oil and thus something to trade for whatever they like to avoid any sanctions (unlike say Cuba).
3) History of western intevention and thus hatred for the west.
4) A Islamofacist regime which is totally out of touch with the secular world of reason.
5) Hates Israel and our support of them.
6) A country that has cooperated with and funds terrorists
7) A country that has specifically cooperated with terrorist that believe (as they do)
a) They can live in a nuclear wasteland by the evil western world could not
b) If they die there is a chance they will not to go heaven even if they are good muslims
c) If they die killing infidels they have a guarenteed pass into an afterlife with 72 virgins

He plans to give them the capability to produce Nuclear Weapons in record time (see N. Korea)When the inevitable happens and they say "We are your equals" Kerry plans to introduce sanctions upon them. But let me spell that out.
a) We stop the flow of goods. Their economy suffers.
b) People start dying.
c) We rightfully get blamed.
d) Their neighbors having the correct incentives to violate the sanctions will do so
i) We are only helping victims.
ii) We can make loads of moneyThe final result being what? A friendly peaceful Iran? No, a belligerent superpower who's population has been turned from moderate pro US to extreme anti-US. One likely to secretly pass nuke to terrorist.

Then we have a choice.
a) Unilaterally lift the sanctions
b) Add more sanctions till Iran intiates War
c) Immediate War

None of this really scares me personally except the nukes + Islamofacists bit. Also the fact that many other countries have stopped their socialist ways means that the Oil producing countries can turn to them as trading partners. We will certainly have the riled if we do the same to Iran we did to Iraq via sanctions.

Read The evil of sanctions

We have been in several wars that were sanction and trade based:
WWII vs. Japan
American Civil War
As they say "On borders where bread doesn't flow, troops soon will".

I conceed the following:
US started Afghan war between USSR and Afghan rebels.
US money did find it way indirectly to Osama.
US topples, manipulates, etc. governments world wide.

Facts I have checked in detail:
US did not supply Iraq with WMD - this is a lie.
Literally 99% of weapons to Iraq were supplied by French, Germans, Russians, Chinese.
Swift Vets are telling the truth and have misspoken on minor issues their position.
1) Kerry is medal fisher - So what.
2) Kerry is of normal bravery and is not a committer of atrocities.
3) Kerry lied in front of the Senate stating that American army was intentionally commiting atrocities.
4) Kerry met with highest level N. Vietnamese and Viet Cong representatives in Paris and activily negotiated their position in the US. while an officer in the Navy.
5) Kerry did not understand what free fire zones meant
6) Kerry did on one occassion destroy livestock and burn hooches. War crime? SBVT say no.
7) Kerry was at a VVAW meeting where assasinating Senators was voted upon. He voted no but did not report this, nor did he resign as spokesperson of the group till one year later.
8) Kerry misreported events in reports in order to gain medals. - Serious and true.
9) Kerrys group accidenally killed family and he reported it as dead VCs.

There was not one single important fact in Farenheit 9/11 & Michael Moore hates the USA and Americans as stated by his own mouth.

The French, Germans, Chinese and USSR were all taking bribes from Saddam via Oil for food program.

I believe:
Kerry has alienated our 'true' friends, those allies who went in to Iraq with us.
Bush our fake ones.
Kerry is a super fake (No one crawls on the ground hunting deer).
Gulf War should have been completed.
We should not have gone in with so large a group of countries and we could have finished the job. Instead we went into a state of total war on Iraq as stated in the evil of sanctions.

Stupid, really stupid.