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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Ignoble Peace Prize

The Nobel peace prize was awarded to another anti-western nut case this year. I almost choked when I heard that Yasser Arafat had won in 1994. This year is only a shade better with the prize going to a woman, Wangari_Maathai, who thinks AIDS was invented by evil western scientists to wipe out the black race.

What's her claim to fame? Well the citation is "for her contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace". What is "sustainable development"? Well apparently she set up an organization that has planted twelve million trees.

All I can say is, heck, even a small capitalistic outfit like Musser Forests has resulted in the planting of over thirty five million trees. This was last year alone and they have been in operation for over fifty years. Assuming linear growth Musser Forests has planted over eight hundred seven five million trees over its entire business lifetime.

I am afraid Ms. Maathai and her Green Belt Movement are pikers having only planted twelve million trees. I bet even the National Arbor Day Foundation has her beat by a order of magnatude.

I didn't even check out her credentials in "democracy and peace" since her race baiting sort of disqualifies her in this regard. Actually, I did and wasn't impressed. I hadn't hear of her before this and apparently I am not alone.

Based on the criteria that the Nobel committee is apparently using, I nominate the president of Musser Forests for the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize.