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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Hypocrite Liberal Confused Gay Guy

Well now that "Libertarian Girl" has been outed. I'm going to admit I was fooled into thinking he was a she. I don't find any shame in that. I wasn't however fooled about him being a libertarian. Here's part of a comment I made before he was outed.

"I thought I would be agreeing much more with someone who posts as libertariangirl. I'm delinking you because this is beginning to feel like a voyeuristic blog instead of a political one. Not to mention I haven't agreed with many posts. I thought it was neat to find a female libertarian to link to when I saw your first post. However now I think I am going to need to find a link by libertarianwoman and not girl."

Now you'd think a scam artist like this wouldn't be worried about ettiquette. But apparently he is.
I get annoyed when people leave me trackbacks, and then I look at the post and it contains no link to my blog!

I left a comment on that particular post pointing out his hypocrisy but he deleted it.
I find it hypocritical of you to speak of etiquette considering your blog is a hoax. Tell me, a womans perspective how does it feel to take it in the ass.

Which seems to violate the integrity of his blog.

Now I don't expect this attention starved loser to follow any sort of code of conduct but I certainly find it humorous when he complains about others. He was screaming misogyny as a pseudo-female but now it turns out he was the misogynist. He finds it hard to understand why no one called him on his clueless statements.
Some of my early posts tried to capture the pretty blonde girl's feeling of entitlement, such as here where Libertarian Girl wrote:
I went out with my anorexic roommate last night. Not much to say about that. Gave my phone number to two guys, so maybe I'll get some free dinners next week. I am looking forward to the New Year's Eve party tonight.
No one ever thought anything was unrealistic about those sorts of statements.

This says more about him than the commenters. I'm sure by that point most had written "Libertarian Girl" off as a vain bitch. That does not mean they assume all women are that way.

I think Mr. Hypocrite Liberal Confused Gay Guy is going to find out the hard way that reputation is important, as I advised him.
"A reputation is something that both men and women should value for what should be obvious reasons."

When people find out his real name it isn't going to be too good for his acting career. How can he expect anyone to believe he is arguing any point with conviction from this point forward, I do not know.

Are U.S. soldiers equivanent to Islamist suicide bombers?

One of my favorite blogs is the one over at I know they are mostly against the Iraq war, however I was none to pleased to find an article titled, "Paid to Fight, Paid More to Die", posted there. Here's the leading paragraph, I kid you not.

"Thanks to a little-noticed item in Bush's budget, it won't just be Islamist suicide bombers whose families are limned and paid off for the death of their fighters. American warriors, too, will have a rather similar emolument: a death gratuity of $100,000 plus a $150,000 life insurance payment that goes to the person who is likely to be grieving the most. If it works for Islam, maybe it will work for democracy as well."
This angered me so I posted a comment where I first repeat the above text then said.
"Sorry, I couldn't read past that point. It is absolutely despicable. The terrorists are being paid to die on purpose, and to target and take out as many innocent civilians in the process. Often, being paid by third parties like the Saudis with a vested interest in stirring up trouble.

The death benefits U.S. soldiers recieve is an insurance policy. We do everything we can to prevent our soldiers deaths which anyone who isn't living in a cave should know.

The Islamists are being paid blood money specifically to commit suicide and kill innocents.

In fact, I bet if you check there are clauses that would prevent the collection of death benefits should a soldier purposefully take an action which serves no purpose other than to collect on the premium. No rational army wants a solider to commit suicide and possibly cause the deaths of other soldiers depending upon him.

I just read a little farther and even the ecomomics are suspect. After all you need to work from facts and the statement "which for the economically disadvantaged families so overrepresented in the ranks of the armed forces" is bullshit. Sorry, but percentage wise the more wealthy are over represented in the military. That is if you consider the income of the families of those in the military.

I'm not reading any more. This is just a vile hack job.

I don't buy the whole "they are attacking us because of what we have done to them" stuff that is common here either. That doesn't explain the killings in the Netherlands and elsewhere does it?

It's very simple. Their religion teaches them to hate us because we are infidels. Even our supposed muslim allies, the Saudis, cannot control themselves long enough to not spread hate literature in their Saudi government funded US mosques.

Stop acting like knee jerk anti-americans when it comes to the issue of US conflicts."

More to come...

I've been mocked by a xenophobe

Sorry, to my one reader, me, but I have been busy. Recently, I have only had time to post messages on other blogs. I posted anonomously to A Small Victory with the following:

How could you not have Charles Burns, or Smithers or Apu. What are you a anti-capitalist homophobic xenophobe?

Being thin skinned he responded vindictively.
I do think that the commenter - who goes by the name BM (insert Beavis giggle here) - meant Montgomery Burns, and not this guy.

Apparently I hit a nerve.

I'll have you know, Karl, it's C. Montgomery Burns and to his friends it's Charles.

Excellent! (watch out it makes sound).

Update: I have a dry sense of humor. This is a JOKE! The subject matter is the Simpsons. Don't take it seriously.