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Thursday, February 17, 2005

I've been mocked by a xenophobe

Sorry, to my one reader, me, but I have been busy. Recently, I have only had time to post messages on other blogs. I posted anonomously to A Small Victory with the following:

How could you not have Charles Burns, or Smithers or Apu. What are you a anti-capitalist homophobic xenophobe?

Being thin skinned he responded vindictively.
I do think that the commenter - who goes by the name BM (insert Beavis giggle here) - meant Montgomery Burns, and not this guy.

Apparently I hit a nerve.

I'll have you know, Karl, it's C. Montgomery Burns and to his friends it's Charles.

Excellent! (watch out it makes sound).

Update: I have a dry sense of humor. This is a JOKE! The subject matter is the Simpsons. Don't take it seriously.