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Monday, January 17, 2005

Hilarious - The UN: Bringing Lingonberries to a Needy World

Just followed a link from Instapundit over to a blog, Iowahawk, that I never saw before. Looking around I saw this hilarious post titled "The UN: Bringing Lingonberries to a Needy World".

In my native village of Fnærkjbørgěn, there is a beautiful old saying: "Lars dus kronchke issegløğg svtarkæn; bürngva ø ikea vnøongve lingenbjěrgnø ü läkramø møertäwiffe." In translation, this is to say: "Lars has been crushed by the glacier; prepare a gift of lingonberries for his lamenting widow."

In this selfish world which so often seems dominated by various stingy undertaxed global military hyperpowers, I am proud to say that the United Nations still adheres to the simple, elegant wisdom of my snowy Fnærkjbørgěner townfolk: where ever and whenever tragedy strikes, the world can count on the UN to bring the lingonberries of hope.

Nowhere is this more evident than in tsunami-ravaged South Asia. Today, less than three weeks after global warming triggered the fearsome ocean waves that devastated the region, the needy victims are experiencing another tsunami. This time time, however, it is a happy tsnunami! The life-saving tsunami of United Nations coordination and assessment.

I love the little picture he has of the "UN Assessment Team" on the beach in their swim trunks. Speedos, no less.


Some of the comments were good too.
you may sneer at the efforts of the UN but i didn't see any Australian or US volunteers offering to provide tsunami survivors with even a minimal daily ration of lingonberries.

You forgot the part where the UN organizes the survivors into permanent refugee camps...