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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Toys for Atheists

Some presents that are good for atheists:

Celebrity atheist Charlie Chaplin as a rubber ducky.

Floating arm trebuchet kit useful for knocking down those mental walls that Theists build around themselves.

Glow powder, the closest we come to believing in pixie dust.

A Pseudoscope. Useful in visually exposing pseudosciences like Creationism or Intelligent Design which are science turned inside out.

A large NdFeB disc to help counteract our magnetic personalities.

Parsec cube reminds us of our true significance in the universe.

A klein bottle the only bottle large enough to store our thoughts in. Perhaps, for some marxist types, a klein mug to drown them in.

A water rocket for our soaring aspirations.

Wooden centipede. Our ideas have legs, despite attempts to stamp them out.

Wolverine in a movie or his skull for our tenacious pursue of the truth.

Putt put boats just because they're cool.

Inappropriate gifts:

Please no Plush facehuggers they remind us too much of the sad grip religion has on some.

Never a Santa and baby Jesus the juxtaposition of the two may make us die laughing.

UPDATE: Also please no Krampus cards for christmas. We don't believe in him either.