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Monday, January 03, 2005

Mistaken Care Package Item Saves Marine's Life

Over at Blackfive there is a post on a male marine who gets the wrong care package. He recieves a feminine hygiene product that amazingly ends up saving someones life.

This reminds me of a funny story involving my artist wife. When she was in first grade she had a crush on boy in her class. Well it was his birthday and she decided to make him something artistic as a present. She found some cool looking plastic parts in the garbage. The pieces she had found in the garbage fit nicely together and proceeded to construct a rocket ship. Not only did she paint U.S.A. on the side, but she made it with multple stages, complete with fins. She gave it to the boy who was quite happy with it. He brought it home to show to his mom who promptly through it in the garbage. My wife was quite hurt by this and did not understand why his mean mother would do such a thing. Not till later did she discover that those little plastic parts were disposable tampon applicators.